4 minute timer

Simple online stopwatch timer 4 minutes clock alarm that can be used for your workout, exercise, gym, school, fitness, sports, kitchen, oven, boxing, interval, classroom, meeting, presentation and events. This 4 minute timer countdown clock is very easy to use.

4 min timer

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A timer is a specialized type of clock for measuring time intervals. Timers can be categorized into two main types, Stopwatch and countdown timer. A timer circuit which counts upwards from zero to a measured elapsed time is called a stopwatch, while a timer clock which counts down from a specified time interval is called a timer or a countdown clock. A simple example of this is an hourglass. Timers have two main groups: Hardware and Software timers.

Hardware timers are Mechanical clocks which uses clockwork to measure time. This tool are typically set by turning a dial to the time interval desired by turning the dial stored energy in a mainspring to run the mechanism. They function similarly to a mechanical alarm clock. The energy in the mainspring causes a balance wheel to rotate back and forth.

Software timers are types of timers that are not devices. They are software programs created to function as time tools. They exist only in lines of code. They rely on the accuracy of a clock tools usually built into a hardware device that runs the software.

Nowadays most people use mobile phones which have timer apps that can mimic the old mechanical timer, but which also have highly sophisticated functions. These apps are also easier to use, because they are available and free, without any need to purchase or carry separate devices, as this timer is just a software application on a phone or tablet. Some of these applications are countdown clock, stopwatch timers, sand timer etc. These timer apps can be used for tracking workout or training time, motivating children and kids to do tasks, replacing an hour glass in board games, or for the traditional purpose of tracking time when cooking and baking.

Apps timers are superior to mechanical hour glasses timers. Hour glasses are not precise and clear, and they can be jammed. Mechanical timers lack the sophisication that applications provide, such as sound and volume adjustments for users specific needs. Most apps also offer selectable alarm sounds.

This is a simple tool to check and monitor countdown time for a particular event or purpose. This tool is provided for free without any warrantty or guarranttee that it will serve your special purpose. please use at your own discretion. This can be used for your cooking, meat and egg timming.

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